The Illinois Whitetail Alliance was formed by deer hunters across the state after significant deer harvest declines and a growing unrest among hunters with the management of the Illinois deer herd.  The main goals of the Alliance have been to raise awareness on how the IDNR currently manages the deer herd and then work with the IDNR to develop tools to effectively manage it.  We feel the plan that has been set forth represents a shared responsibility from all hunting stakeholders to get the Illinois deer herd back to acceptable levels that were agreed upon with other various non-hunting stakeholders years ago. Change and support is needed now.

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Illinois Whitetail Alliance Mission

The IWA is dedicated to proactive deer management ideas based on science; ones that are fair and equitable to all stakeholders.

Official IWA Statement on 2014 IDNR Changes

They say a voyage of a thousand miles starts with one step. Using that scenario, the recently announced changes to Illinois deer management program shows the IDNR has taken one step in the right direction on the Illinois whitetail herd’s thousand mile journey back to prominence. The IWA applauds the decision by Director Miller to at least take the foot off the Illinois deer herd reduction accelerator. The IDNR changes will only result in a reduction of “X” deer being killed, but it is a start, it is a step. How much difference does one step make in 1000 miles? Nothing unless you complete the journey. The IWA is here on behalf of our valued resource, and the deer hunters, to make sure this journey is completed. The IWA will work with the IDNR in all areas of mutual concern such as IDOT’s refusal to release DVA’s until late July each year, and will continue to push the IDNR to be more open, transparent and responsive on all aspects of deer management in Illinois.


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